Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Surviving Retrograde periods doesn’t need to be difficult, or daunting.

It’s often funny to poke-fun of this period, for all the shifted energy it brings. Mercury being a planet of communication, day-to-day expression and relationships.

Takes things apart and then puts them back together again. Re-transforming what was.

Of course, these periods of retrograde will have cause & impact, on an individual and more wide-spread scale. The intensity of this cause & impact will vary greatly depending upon a person’s individual birth chart.

But, not to fear, because there are steps that we can all take in order to not loose our heads during Mercury Retrograde.

Step 1: Define What Is Most Important Right Now

During the retrograde period our focus tends to shift more inwards. External situations become less of a priority.

So, use this to your advantage, and take a look at what themes or areas of your life are showing up and being impacted right now.

Doing this will lead you towards a much more productive and beneficial retrograde than is perhaps typically anticipated.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How is your life progressing?
  • Are you satisfied with your life?
  • Are you satisfied with where you are within your career/work?
  • Where is there room in your life for adjustment/change?
  • What do you truly desire?
  • How can you make changes to your plans in-order to bring about your dreams?

Reflection will help you move through retrograde with a plan that will see you through until Mercury returns direct.

Step 2: Recharge, Revisit, Return

During a retrograde, we are not just waiting around willy-nilly for the planet to go back direct. Hoping that nothing gets shuffled about.

Sometimes the best offence is a good defence, as they say. And, if you can’t beat’em join’em.

These periods are perfect time to reflection and reassessment. Look at any mistakes you’ve made recently through the reflection of our steps until now.

Any of those “one-day” tasks that you’ve been putting off will be completed much quicker during this time.

  • Cleaning out the pantry
  • Washing the car
  • The clothes pile you’ve been ignoring in the corner that’s starting to move on its own
  • The journal you’ve been wanting to start but haven’t
  • Reading that book you were gifted but just haven’t made the time

Well, the time is now! Perfect, no better time in fact.

Going backwards to what has been left undone is relished energy in surviving retrograde periods. Try it and see how much you end up getting done; quicker too!

Step 3: Pay Attention

During Mercury Retrograde specifically, the planet is much closer to Earth. This builds the energetic intensity across the planet.

Because of this heightened energy is why people often find the completion of tasks moving more quickly than usual. This also leads a lot of rushed energy and not as much thoughtful direction. This rushing forward can lead to a lot of accidents and mistakes being made.

The good news is that all you have to do to counter this energy and ensure you don’t loose your hat. Is to SLOW DOWN!!

  • Take a breath
  • switch off even for 5 minutes
  • Go for a walk

If you have an important task at hand, then Mercury Retrograde is not the time to rush forward.

Step 4: Get Help Surviving Retrograde

If all else fails, then get yourself ahead of the game with an astrology reading, psychic reading or healing. Allow yourself the freedom to see what is showing up ahead of time for you and your retrograde influences. An astrologist is well equipped to look specifically at your astrological chart and let you know if you will breeze through. Or will you be swirling around the backwards minefield of retrograde? Psychics and healers can also connect with your energy and see what areas may need action or rest at this time.

If you’re one of the lucky ones born during Retrograde, you will work through this time a lot differently to others. You will embrace the energy, have no fears or concerns for the usual mishaps faced by others. You won’t just shine and relish this time, but you’re actually equipped to guide the rest of us stumbling around.

So, lastly, if you know someone born during retrograde, turn to them for help. They’re the best at surviving retrograde!



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