Saturn Square Uranus & changes in areas of Love

Saturn Square Uranus & changes in areas of Love.

What does this mean?

June 14 began the second of three Saturn Uranus squares which will surface elements of our lives, both old and new. The first took place on February 17th and the last shows up on December 24th.

This “square” is the formation of planets at a 45-degree angle. Which may seem harsh, firm, pointed, yet these energies present us with the most room for growth. And this time around is especially focused on areas of love.

This meeting of earth and air sees two elements not often in contact with one another. And unlike other orbits that often only last a day-or-two, these two are moving much slower. Having begun back in 2020 and not ending their union until 2022, meaning areas of love will continue to shift and change throughout this duration of orbit.

What is showing up?

Well, with this now being the second of three transits, it allows for reflection in anticipation of what may come forward.

Where were you during the February 17th 2021 square? What took place in relation to areas of love for you then? Areas of relationships and the relationship you have with yourself?

These same themes could be showing up for you again, as well as new situations and circumstances in aspects of your love life and connections.

Key theme:

With Saturn now in retrograde [May 23rd – October 10th] however, this does change things for this second Uranus square.

While decisions and strategizing may have been what was showing up for you back in February, this time you’re being asked to reflect back over what was. During that time you may have been feeling like you were embracing your personal power and standing in your truth. But, were you really?

Well, this time you’re being asked just that. To reflect on what was then and reconsider your truths.

Retrogrades are all about reflection and review past choices and decisions to see if they are in true alignment with what we desire. So, this transit is asking for you to do just the same, only with a key focus on areas of your love life, love connections and influences.

The Good News?

Well, it’s all good news, really. But with Saturn having gone retrograde in Aquarius, this means that we’re being aided ever more in removing the blocks that perhaps we weren’t able to see back in February.

If there’s been situations arise that seem intangible or “out of control” within your love life and romantic partnerships. Then now is the perfect time to pause a moment and ask yourself if those situations are working for your best. Do they align with your desires from love, or are you simply going along with things?

As Saturn may have you feeling there are obligations with love, Uranus reminds us that there is absolute choice.

Love Life & what may show up:

  • Making choices with love because of obligation or expectations – this square is removing the sense of “need” and dismantling what is tied due to necessity.
  • No longer scared for what comes next – the next steps in your love life, whether partnered or otherwise, seem much less daunting.
  • Evolution – reflection on how much you have grown since the Feb Saturn and Uranus square
  • Optimism – going it alone or diving head-first into love, seems far less daunting. You’re better able to see further down the line and throw caution to the wind.
  • Freedom and Self-Love – you begin to see that you can have freedom in love, and the importance of doing so. Loving yourself first.
  • Not afraid – you’re no longer to make the perhaps “tougher” decisions within your love life. Fearing not the thought of being along or addressing issues head-on.

There is so much that this time and energy brings. Hope and prosperity in areas of love. Embrace what comes forward for you and know that the energy of feeling optimistic is not a lie or trick…it’s you awakening to your future love happiness.

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