Raise Your Self Worth

Raise your self-worth by asking yourself:

“How does this action touch the world” – Demartini

Apply this questioning to all situations. Until you can realise that what you do holds cause and effect upon yourself and your surroundings.

Other ways you can raise your self worth:
  • By being self aware: How you think, feel, act, react.
  • Aligning with your core beliefs: Understanding your values, beliefs, strengths.
  • Growing within your personal comfortability: forming self love and appreciation.
  • Seeing that there is no one greater or less than yourself: Your greatness is powerful because it embodies YOU.
  • Being 100% authentically you!
  • Having mindful awareness and acceptance of your achievements: Reward yourself for all of your successes.
  • Action: Not procrastinating on your intuition and desires.
  • Show empathy: Know that everyone is scaling their own trails. Nothing is personal. Perspective is everything.
  • Accept who you are: acceptance doesn’t require perfection.
  • Self care: Recharge your batteries.
  • Don’t give up: Your self-worth is important, so keep working at it.

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