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About Traleena Anthes


  • Bars Practitioner
  • Clairaudient
  • Claircognizant
  • Clairsentient
  • Empath
  • Medium
  • Psychic
  • Reiki Healer


  • English


  • Angel Cards
  • Oracle Cards
  • Pendulum
  • Tarot Cards


  • Career/Work
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Love/Relationships

Star Sign:

  • Taurus 


Hello, I am Traleena.

I am an empath, psychic medium, Bar’s Practitioner, Reiki Master, Picture readings, Psychometry, Intuitive Tarot reader.

I can see and feel energy, and sometimes smell.

I have always believed in Spirit and understand the suffering and pain within as the world shifts forward. I have a kind heart, compassion and a genuine soul.

Losing my brother as a young adult was horrific and supporting our mother was extraordinary. For me it is an honour and a blessing connecting with you and your loved ones in spirit, helping gain some inner peace, clarity, closure, a smile in your heart, healing tears and guidance along your path.


Pay By Card - from $5.00 per minute.

AUS:(02) 90710199


  • Traleena was amazing, she was able to connect with my departed husband and express to me that he was in a better place and watching over me. She explained it wasn’t my time to go despite the thoughts I was having in my head. She really helped me reconnect and ground myself and I’m truly thankful. I would recommend to get a reading by Traleena to anyone who needs that little bit of intuitive help to refocus their path in life.

Irma May
  • It was very insightful listening to the psychic connect with a loved one who had recently passed. It was an emotional experience that clarified a few things for me. A huge thank you to her and her abilities, god bless.