November Full Moon in Taurus & Partial Eclipse

November Full Moon in Taurus & Partial Eclipse

Peak Full Moon dates: 18/19 November

With the full energetic effects lasting three days either side of when the moon phase will peak [see time below]

Peak [Eastern Australian Time]:

8:05pm Friday the 19th November

Star Sign:







Partial Eclipse – Honesty

Full Moon in Taurus

This partial eclipse is going to be seen in full glow for up to three days. The day prior, day of and day following the peak full moon time. Within the sign Taurus and aligning with the heart chakra, the energy promises to be explorative. Bringing with it changes and growth, while calling in the exploration of self.

What’s The [real] Vibe?

This full moon aligns with the mischief-maker, Algol. Algol is a fixed star and resides in the constellation of Perseus. With Astrologers deeming this star the most unfortunate, violent and dangerous star in the heavens [1]. And, while all that might sound quite menacing, what is means for this energy is a lot less veracious than that of its birth origins.

This full moon offers us the opportunity to speak up, speak clearly and move forward with honesty. A reminder to be wary of the brutality that our truths may bring. Ensuring that you’re aligning with your inner truth and oneness.

Full Moon in Taurus Mantra

“I speak with honesty. I am loyal to myself and my inner needs.”

Tips for Full Moon in Taurus:

  • Pay attention to your inner voice, ensure you’re leading with your needs.
  • Speak your truth with kindness & compassion
  • Ensure you’re heard & protect your energy if you feel you’re not

Crystals for connecting:

  • Tourmaline
  • Obsidian
  • Tigers Eye
  • Carnelian

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