New Year, New Cleanse; by Psychic TV Psychic Michael Dimarco

NEW YEAR – NEW CLEANSE, written by Psychic TV Psychic Michael Dimarco


The world is a busy place, full of distractions. As a result, it is easy to feel overwhelmed regularly. Once you feel overwhelmed, it can be hard to transfer yourself to a better mental space unless you know how to do it. However, learning to deal with overstimulation and anxiety is a skill you can develop. With enough practice, you can quickly get rid of any negative energy you can find yourself in.

We have all welcomed a new year, some of us may feel like the old still lingering. A lot of us get so caught up in this COVID world that we forget to look after ourselves.


Here is a simple cleanse you can do daily (or as often as you feel) while taking a shower.


1 While showering allow the water to fall onto the centre of your crown. Imagining that it is a constant never ending flow of pure silver nectar.

2 Imagine the silver nectar pouring in through your crown and filling your head completely and deeply, until every physical cell is filled with the silver pure nectar.

3 Imagine it moving down your body:

  • The neck
  • Shoulders
  • Torso
  • Every organ of the body
  • Hips
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Through the soles of the feet – out of the feet.

4 Repeat on the skin layer.

5 Repeat over auric body (Aura)

6 Then 7 layers of energetic bodies.


Notice how clear and alive you feel.


You may need to really focus and make it a 10/15 minute practice to really visualise the whole body and energetic bodies. Of course you can do this in a pool, beach or even without water – You just need to visualise it.


After a while you can just say to your self:

“Please silver cleanse me.” 

It will take a couple of minutes.

New Year, New Cleanse, written by Psychic TV Psychic Michael Dimarco

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