Leo Season 2021

Leo Season has arrived and will remain until August 22nd.

Happy Birthday Leo!

Stronger sense of self, assurance, drive, creation. Expect energies to ramp-up a little, as you may be called to embrace yourself…with a little sprinkle of caution.

Don’t get it fooled

While Leo is a sign that loves to shine bright on the glow-up of others, they sometimes run the risk of becoming too self-assured in their convictions. Jealousy and egotism are energies to be mindful of this season.

Embracing Leo Season

Leo reminds us to be unafraid to stand at the forefront. Being in the spotlight, rather than feeling like you’re best spent within the shadows. Take a look at what you have to offer too, as there is much to share.

Remember though, that there is plenty of spotlight to share with everyone. As Leo may have us needing the reminder. Allowing others to have their moment will not dim yours… Your ability to see the value in camaraderie & collaboration, will pit you further ahead of the pack during this Leo season.

The hunger for the warmer months to arrive [for those of us in the southern hemisphere] may have you partaking in the activities of spring a little sooner than anticipated. Leo wants us to shine our brightest, enjoy life, have fun, dance dangerously. The cold of winter, with the promise of spring looming nearer-and-nearer, may find you wanting to start the spring cleaning a little sooner than is tradition.

This energy is welcomed too perhaps a little more after we find ourselves coming out of Cancer season. Where things were a little more reserved and relaxed.

Leo has us bursting at the seams, wanting to join-in, or jump-in to whatever it is we’re focusing on. So, pay attention to what you’re focusing on, as Leo promises to pour this energy into it. Paying attention and pulling back at times will be what keeps your tasks and goals on track. While also embracing the eagerness, in order to ensure you’re getting things done. A key here to pause and adjust at intervals this season, so as to not get too carried away.

Connect with;
  • Excitement
  • Energy surge
  • Desire to glow-up, makeover, revamp
  • Moving items around the home
  • Giving new life to old loves
  • Creative passions ignited

Other themes:

  • Jealousy – pay attention to your emotions
  • Ego – remember there’s enough for everyone to go around

Birthstone: Peridot

Ruled By: The Sun

Famous Leo’s

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Ben Affleck
  • Megan Markle
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Joe Jonas


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