January Moon Phases & Transits: What’s showing up

January Moon Phases & Transits: What’s showing up


Mercury Retrograde – January 15th – in Aquarius – Direct Jan 26th

Lasting 21 days, may churn-up difficulties with communication, trade/sharing, technology, & the ability to articulate our needs.
Mercury retrograde sees our communication, trade and intelligence turn inwards. This may have our usual way of being manipulated and manifest circumstances that are seen as unusual in difficult and unexpected ways. Retrograde asks us to be reflective, to look within around these areas. Asking us to ensure we’re where we would like to be.
Mercury rx is in Aquarius at this time, meaning that there may be a deeper level of difficulty with communication. While retrograde is a period of inner reflection, this pairing may see more struggle in our connections with others. Know that while it may seem hard, it’s also perhaps nothing you cannot overcome.

Full Moon & Uranus Direct – Jan 18/19 – in Taurus

What seeds were planted during the New Moon? Reflect over what was and what has become. Uranus retro’ may have postponed plans, now direct those plans may be catapulted forwards.
When Uranus turns direct you can anticipate some shifting energy & possible quick changes. Being within the sign Taurus, this may see change within the home environment or connected with something you’re manifesting. Embrace what changes flow in for you at this time.

Mars Sextile Jupiter – Jan 25th

Be mindful of the people around you, you may have to deal with sticky situations. Go after what you want. Embrace any realisations, as your social community and injustices may rise in importance.
You will feel more driven and motivated at this time. Use this boosted energy in positive and transformative ways.

Venus (r) Square Chiron – January 29th – Venus stations Direct

You may find yourself needing to stand up and fight for yourself. The world you’re creating may seem to be under attack, although it’s how much you’re willing to back yourself and all you have built.
You’ve had time now to plan & ensure that your goals align with what you value most. Venus stationing direct now can is time to pay attention to further opportunities for prosperous expansion.

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