Interview With Psychic Ben Mihan

Psychic Ben Mihan: Getting to know our Psychics on an individual level, allows you to connect with them and better understand their energy.

We at Psychic TV Australia believe that this allows you to make informed judgements when selecting the right Psychic for your call.

Today we’re getting to know Psychic Ben Mihan.

How did you become aware of your Psychic abilities?

As a child I would often see things differently in life and often would predict things that I saw coming up in the future that ended up actually happening 10 – 15 years later in life. I was different in the way I lived life and being born in the month of February being under the star sign Aquarius I have always been very empathetic towards others which is a trait I’m am so grateful to have as a person experiencing the journey of life.

Often I would experience de ja vu and my Intuition became clearer and clearer the more times I tapped into my ability as a Psychic. I am also a Medium which is someone who is able to connect with the other side I feel energy from a person who has passed away they allow me to connect with them when they feel they are ready and provide me with certain Information only you would know. This allows a person to be able to experience comfort in a time of overwhelming grief they may not be here in a physical form but they are present in the spiritual realm.

Loosing my Grandad at a young age and his presence and signs was confirmation in my mind that our loved ones actually are able to show up in the greatest times of grief and sadness.

I have shared this story many times when I have appeared on Psychic TV Australia but this is an example of what I experienced loosing a loved one and what signs they sent to let us know they are here. My Grandad passed away suddenly after having complications after a procedure which went untreated and sadly he died on the ward in hospital a short time later. Allen my Grandad was my Grandma Valda’s full time carer as she suffered from Dementia often he would play Keno when we went to dinner at a Tavern and his favourite number was 8 so he used to play 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78 etc and would always win somehow.

When he passed way Grandma moved in with us and the following day at the exact time he died we were all at home and our alarm went off which was the very first of many signs he would send to get out attention. As we had been at home the alarm wasn’t even turned on and so my Dad checked the alarm panel and It said the alarm had come from sensor 8 but we counted we only had 6 sensors in the home. At this time my Dad didn’t believe at all and was a big sceptic of Psychic’s & Mediums but this all changed fairly quickly after he lost his father.

A night before my Grandads funeral I had been working on the computer downstairs putting a special video together for his service and the song Eric Clapton Tears in Heaven was one of the songs. After working for hours I finished the video I saved it and shut down the computer and at 3am we had been all woken by a loud song playing on the computer and It was Tears of Heaven playing on repeat a sign Grandad was with us. A few weeks later during the middle of the night Grandma was sleeping in the spare room downstairs and we were all woken by the alarm as it went off again It was switched off and so we checked on Grandma and she had suffered a medical episode and the alarm sensor came again from number 8.

Fast forward to 2021 our family home sold many years ago now but a few months ago It had been a while since I felt my Grandad’s spirit so I asked him to send a sign he is around and about 30 minutes later my Dad called and said Ben is everything okay and I said yes why and my Dad said you wouldn’t believe It but the alarm which was switched off has gone off in our home and I had a chuckle and said Dad well I asked Grandad to show a sign he is around. These little signs have provided so much comfort to my Dad and our family. It’s not until you lose someone you love that something triggers you and you see things differently. Now my Dad can have conversations and he is no longer sceptical as he has experienced with me events that are not just a coincidence. 

What has become a highlight of your lightwork and connecting with spirit?

When you are able to connect with another soul and to provide them clarity on things they are finding challenging in life and at the very end of the Reading when they communicate that they feel so much relief and feel so much clearer in the mind.

It’s also really special when we hear back from our regular clients when they ring PTV again for another Reading. For me I really enjoy hearing back from our regular clients and often I know the voice off by heart and It’s always fantastic to pick up where we left off and to hear how they are going since the last Reading.

When working with clients, what aspect of this process brings you the most joy?

I really enjoy being able to help and guide others through difficult times in life. Often some calls can be hard hearing people who are really suffering and are lost in life but I always make sure that I can help by providing accurate guidance of what’s happening ahead and to help a person put a in place to move forward in a positive way. 

We all have Intuition that we can tap into at anytime but unfortunately sometimes our mind can be so confused which makes It hard to listen to what our heart is truly telling us.

If you get that gut feeling about something don’t Ignore It as It’s our Intuition giving us a warning sign. A Reading is a Journey as you cover a lot but It’s such an amazing thing seeing a client grow over time into a strong and resilient soul that is back on track and enjoying life to the fullest.

What is your personal method for opening to messages and/or spirit connection?

The way I connect is If you have never had a Reading from me before normally I will ask you to give me a quick 60 second or less snapshot of you for example:

    • Date of Birth and Star Sign
    • Significant people or children in your life and names
    • Areas of your life you would like Guidance on and any certain questions you may need guidance with

This allows me to be able to give you a personal reading and to be able to use certain names in the Reading if they pop up. I am also able to tap into the energy field of others that are linked to you in life such as a partner, parents, siblings or children If you have any. During a Reading by the end I will also provide you with with a spiritual plan now this doesn’t mean going to church but to instead tap Into your Intuition. It’s really Important that we fill our cup up by doing things that make us happy because you need to have the right balance in Life. Sometimes people have huge hearts and give give give but sometimes they are left half empty and feeling drained so It’s

Important to create a spiritual routine. For example one I recommend to people is allow at least 30 – 60 minutes a day or every few days as I know people are busy. In this time do something you enjoy that brings you happiness that could Include doing Yoga or Pilates, Walk in nature, Meditating in a quiet place at home, Journaling, Listening to music, Calling someone you love and chatting, Arts and Craft, Animal therapy or going for a nice scenic drive. These things don’t have to always cost money but by doing this you will start to feel recharged. It’s so Important to recognise when you are starting to burn yourself out and to make sure you are continuing to create healthy boundaries to do what’s best for you in life. Life is precious so live Life how you want to live It and don’t look back.

If you have lost a loved one and book in for a Mediumship Reading I will often ask for the loved ones name and their date of birth. Please note that our loved ones come through when they are ready in spirit and we will always try out best to connect you when the time is right.

What is your personal method for grounding, or closing out, after a client session?

Normally each day I will start the day with a nice walk in the rainforest and this allows me to connect with nature and feel grounded. After a Reading I will do a sound healing or a meditation to clear the energy field and I have essential oils running that helps support our nervous system and provides a calming environment.

Have you always worked spiritually, or have you worked in other fields/careers?

For the last 10 years I have been in the spiritual field as a Clairvoyant, Medium & Psychic in Australia. I also have been in the Media Industry for 14 years I worked in Radio Broadcasting for 10 years on air at various Radio Stations across Australia.

For the last 4+ years I have been working as a TV Traffic Reporter covering the latest Traffic on Channel 7, 9 and 10 and also on Commercial Radio Stations all across Queensland. I have also been lucky enough to achieve my childhood dream of getting my Pilots License that allows me to fly a plane by myself which is truly Incredible.

What is your idea of a perfect Saturday evening?

A quiet evening surrounded by those I love with a nice Roast dinner. I also enjoy taking time out by going on weekend trips to unwind and create happy memories.

What is your one key piece of advice for anyone considering whether or not to have a professional psychic reading?

I feel firstly It’s really Important for people to do the research on who you are looking at getting a Reading with. Always have a look on the Facebook page and read the bio and most of all read the reviews from other people who have had a Reading before.

It’s Important for you to feel comfortable during a Reading because at times you may feel vulnerable sharing your heart and soul especially If you are going through a rough time and It makes a huge difference when someone is able to show you the compassion you deserve when get a Reading It makes you feel at ease and It’s really Important that you are able to feel at ease during a Reading.

So do your research and ask around at PTV Australia and see who they may recommend for a Reading If you are unsure.

Lastly, what is a favourite quote

“Don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because It’s stormy now doesn’t mean that you aren’t headed for Sunshine” – Unknown


If you’re interested with connecting with Psychic Ben Mihan or learning more about them, you can connect here: Ben Mihan

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