Autumn Equinox | Mabon | Astrological New Year

Autumn Equinox | Mabon | Astrological New Year

Autumn Equinox | Mabon

Welcoming in the Autumn Equinox here in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sun transitions over into Aries, and we wake in the morning feeling a crispness in the air that hasn’t been present for some time.
There’s an awareness that soon the leaves will start to loose their colour, wilt and break away from their trees. In natures natrual transition as we sit in the balance of time and stillness. Those moments before we begin to descend into the darkness and coolness of winter.
Symbolic of letting go, release, transitioning, harvest, restoration, shedding, gratitude, & balance.

Astrological New Year

As the sun moves into Aries, here in the Southern Hemisphere, we welcome the transition from the lighter months of the year & begin the next phase of transformation. As well as welcoming in the Astrological new year.

This is a potent time of the year, as our passions are amped up. Drive and determination are at the forefront as we begin our connection with our most fiery archetype, Aries. 

A rebirth of the sun. Aries being the first sign of the zodiac, representing the development of the self, our ego, idenity, the core of self. Additionally, Aries is all about individuality, action, passion, power, ambition & masculine energy.

Take this Aries season [March 21st – 19th April] and return that self-love back to yourself. Allow yourself the reflection over the previous 12 lunar cycles, and the release of all that transpired during Pisces Season.

Autumn Equinox Mantra

“I welcome the balance of life and all its lessons”

Tips for Autumn Equinox | Mabon | Aries Season:

  • Return to self and provide yourself with self-love
  • Reflect over the previous 12 months lessons, growth, change, progress

Crystals for connecting:

  • Opal
  • Amber
  • Citrine
  • Carnelian
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Red Jasper

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