Activations & Financial Shifts, What December Holds

Activations & Financial Shifts, What December holds for us in one last push 

Chiron Direct

Chiron, the wounded healer, represents our areas where we self protect because of trauma. The centaur, while in retrograde over the last five months has asked us to explore our thoughts and emotions to be healed. We can take a deeper look inwards at why certain behaviours or actions cause us to go into a place of protection. 

Chiron going direct opens us up again to take what we’ve learned throughout its retrograde, so we can better release it over the coming months. While direct we have better awareness to choose how we react and move forward confidently.

Find your Chiron placement within your natal chart, and you will better understand your own personal wounds that are carried in this life.

Venus Retrograde

Our planet of love, intimacy and romance enters into retrograde from now until January 29th, in the sign of Capricorn. Venus’ last retrograde was in May of 2020 [remember that time?]. And, while this retrograde isn’t necessarily one that brings with it anything too ominous, it is shinning a light on our relationships, affections, art, money, pleasure and art. 

Within the sign Capricorn, we’ll be take deeper into focusing on our relationships, what we value, and our finances. Specifically, how our finances arrive & those of larger interests over our incomes; financial systems. Meaning, you may find yourself needing to be more honest with yourself and how you show up. What you do and how you’re applying your time in order to draw in finances. You may question your work ethic, you desire to work, or perhaps even become motivated to make changes in these areas for your betterment.

In relationships, honesty is the best policy. You will find yourself being more open and honest with yourself and what is important to you in your romantic partnerships. Reflecting over your personal growth that has transpired since May 2020 & how you wish to move forward with yourself and your heart in the future. Reassessing now all that isn’t where you would like, and making perhaps some drastic changes in order to get things to a better place.

Pluto’s energy is in amongst all of this, as Venus conjuncts with Pluto for a major two weeks! This typically isn’t the case, with Pluto hanging around for usually only one day. This present energy could vastly shake-up and disrupt unsettled partnerships. Therefore, ignoring your urges and frustrations could result in them surfacing more intently. Listen to yourself and honour your desires.

Full Moon in Gemini

Well, the first Full Moon in Gemini, in two years, that isn’t also an eclipse. This full moon aims to inspire us, bringing in some pretty strong revelations. This energy impacts Chiron direct and Venus now turning retrograde, as the full moon also trines with Jupiter & Aquarius. Be open to all you can learn and explore, use your communication as a tool to uplift and educate. This week may have been & may continue to be intense for some, as we’re all asked to heavily reflect over many areas of our lives. Arguments or snippy comments may be more easily introduced, with many feeling the weight of the world upon their shoulders.

The good new here, however, is that the Full Moon will allow us to release a lot of pent-up and unwanted energy. So, be aware of yourself and what may be pressing your buttons more than usual. That’s a sure sign of where you may be best focusing your awareness and allowing to be let go over the next few days.


The positives from this time suggest a wave of awakened energy for us all. Realisations, activations & energetic abundance arrives within our consciousness easily.

Many will embrace these energies and deepen their connections to the Angels, Spirit Guides & the world around us. Meditation, journaling and taking moments of silent reflection are great ways to explore what is showing up for you.

Energy Activations – Tools for Connecting

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Prayer
  • Writing Intentions
  • Reflection

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