1111 What the Angels have to say to you

1111 What the Angels have to say to you

From the Angels,

Pay close attention to your thoughts, as you are now within the energy of quick manifestation. It’s time now to make those wishes, but also to act. Seeing this angelic number brings with it a level of responsibility to not wish and wait, but to take action. Your desires are heard and you are well on your way to achieving them. 

1111 Meaning

1111 means that now is the time to pay attention to your thoughts. What are you thinking into existence? How are you allowing your thoughts to motivate your action? Are you in alignment with your thoughts and your desires?

Our thoughts are energy that can quickly shift into physical and tangible circumstances. It is no coincidence that you are seeing this number or similar sequences [1, 11, 1111, 11:11, and so on]. If you’re seeing this number, then the angels are trying to connect and communicate with you.

The Number 1

Its important to connect the symbology of the number 1 first. In numerology, the number one represents singularity, leadership and positive energy. Think placing first in a race, there’s a freshness and vitality around the number. Unique and limited to the “lucky” or those that have strived towards goals that didn’t come easily.

Know that these symbolic messages will be unique to yourself, so it’s important to take note of your thoughts and goals when you notice them frequently. And you surely will.

1111 Meanings

  • New beginnings
  • Awakening, new level of ascension
  • Manifestation
  • Pay attention to your thoughts, your reality is the shifting result of them [think positively]
  • Opportunities are heading your way
  • The Angels are communicating with you

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